Stem Cells For A Cure is a commitment by Store-A-Tooth™, a service of Provia Laboratories, Inc.

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Store a tooth. Find a Cure

Nearly 15,000 children and young adults are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes each year - a life-changing event for families that hear this news.

How much do you know about the potential of stem cells for diabetes?     Take the quiz...

Store a tooth. Explained
Find a Cure. Explained
Why bank stem cells?
We raised over $5000 at the Boston JDRF Walk!

Store-A-Tooth raised $5000 for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes
Read about this accomplishment...

Store-A-Tooth™ is committed to helping find a cure...
We will fund diabetes research
every time we store someone's stem cells.

Tell one, tell all - we will give back a portion of every sale towards finding a cure.

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