Stem Cells For A Cure is a commitment by Store-A-Tooth™, a service of Provia Laboratories, Inc.

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What is Store-A-Tooth?

Store-A-Tooth is a service that lets you preserve the stem cells in you or your children's teeth. Dental stem cells are found in any healthy tooth:

  • Baby teeth that are naturally falling out
  • Wisdom teeth being extracted
  • Teeth being pulled to make room for braces or for other orthodontic reasons
Help protect your family's health - save stem cells from teeth and be prepared to take advantage of ongoing advances in stem cell science and regenerative medicine.

A simple, convenient, and affordable option

Store-A-Tooth™ offers an option that is priceless.

The initial cost to store dental stem cells is about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of storing umbilical cord blood. And unlike cord blood, you can choose to store stem cells over many years, as your child loses baby teeth or has wisdom teeth extracted.

Dental stem cells are non-controversial adult stem cells (non-embryonic) and a perfect match for the donor, and potentially useful for closely related family members.

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